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Travel Coverage

Leave home with peace of mind and protection

Passing away while away from home is the last thing you’d ever expect to happen, but unfortunately it happens. The financial and emotional burden of dealing with a death away from home can be devastating.
Most travel and health insurance plans do not offer coverage for a death that occurs away from home. When a death occurs away from home, the costs to return a deceased individual can range and even exceed $5,000 to $10,000. 

In addition to the cost, working with local and foreign governments can be challenging. Laws and regulations vary by state and country, and they’re even further complicated by language barriers.
Thankfully, APASI's Away from Home Coverage provides freedom to go anywhere with confidence! Whether you’re taking a day trip away from home, going on a weekend getaway, 
or taking that once in a lifetime trip to Europe, you will have the peace of mind knowing you and your family are always protected.

Getting Coverage is Simple

  • No Deductibles 

  • No Age Limits 

  • No Dollar Limits 

  • Worldwide and Lifetime Coverage

  • No Language Barriers

  • No diplomatic issues

  • No Stress!

What is the cost?

We offer a one-time payment option, as well as payment plans for a lifetime of coverage.

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